Things we do

We have a knack for anything personal – anything personalized that can tell a story; a beautiful story that is.

We love the nitty-gritty of things. We leave no stones unturned, as we love to scrutinize the print of your life that you have significantly made along the way. We look the nooks and hooks of you. May be it is your personal achievement that you share amongst your loved ones and friends, your dramatic and not-so dramatic love story that you have longed and yearned for years to tell others but could not and had not known how to visually articulate them.

We love to see your scrap books to learn who and what you were then – what held you and what ticked you or even what tickled you. We love to eye through old VHS video tapes that you treasure that your dad or mum took of you eons ago. We love to see the old and retro you who have blossomed into the beautiful you. Or a photograph that tells a thousand stories about life that was meant to be or simply, a photo of a younger you with a black eye after a girl in your class beat the crap of you.

We love to run through your personal details and resume, how long-winded they may be, to spot on the colossal achievements or something that you did others thought was a small thing in the past but it was and still is a significant milestone in your life. It is the blast from the past that you feel the need to capture.

This is where Manggis comes in and this is what Manggis has the knack of doing things. Manggis is a creative production company that dwells on capturing the precious, sometimes intimate, moments of your life. Manggis captures your visual experience of your cinematographic life the old and the new, the past and the now; and even perhaps what future beholds you.

Like the nature of the fruit, Manggis is a what you see is what you gets? a philosophical of sorts that describe the physical raised ridges (remnant of the stigma of the fruit), arranged like of a wheel visible on the onset of the fruit, correspond to the number of aril sections of the fruits white flesh – renders its services to what it is determined to execute at its best way of doing things. This is the reason Manggis  is called as such because it gives out everything what it has  with passion and honesty plus sheer commitment and dedication with a dab of creativity.

The founding years

Founded in 2003 as a multimedia production house, Manggis is one of the pioneers in wedding cinematography. It graciously grew from a puny production house, which had to contend to the fact that the competition was wickedly fierce in the industry, to a mature company with a stable ascending number of clienteles, who have since developed close relations with the people who run Manggis.

The company does not have to shout but looking at its portfolios of creative works, one cannot help oneself but be inspired with the finely crafted finishing of the productions. Manggis clients are not only impressed with the creative production work, they just love the renderings of Manggis diligence and artistic spirit plus understanding their needs and requirements as a customer.

As Manggis journeys forward, the creative think-tank of this company have traveled near and far from the rustic town of Benut, Johor to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles or from the fine city of Singapore to the quiet breezy isle of Maldives or to the seismically active prefecture of Hokkaido or from the mystic land of the desert in Abu Dhabi to the super city of burjs in Dubai. All these trips are made to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers, who come from all walks of life. The overseas assignments, for instance, have attested and demonstrated Manggis accomplishments and achievements. Simply put, doing wedding cinematography overseas will rattle in Manggis pipeline as its core business in the years to come.

Besides weddings and engagements, Manggis also captures other precious moments in a persons life journey, the birth of a new person in the family and even capturing the baby’s early stages of life including the Majlis Bercukur or Majlis Berendoi and even the simple birthday ceremonies. Manggis indulgence into creating moments into a fine piece of embroidered timeline that encapsulates all the beautiful and precious time in a personals life has extended to cover other niche business such as capturing wedding anniversaries or even to celebrate a person reaching manhood. Manggis is a company that believes every moment marks a significant milestone in our life. It’s a history to be shared with the future generations. History is priceless and that life’s actually a moment.